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January 23, 2012 in Basement, Crashing at Christy's

So excited to show you my sister Christy’s laundry room up-do! This girl has a knack for completely transforming a room using little more than paint. Remember her painted backsplash? Wellll…. she used that same laser level to create the awesome focal-point stripes in her laundry room. PLUS  – who wouldn’t love the mirror she added to the door!? Check it out…

Hi!!!  It’s me again with way too many pictures.  But, I love pictures more than the words usually, so you’re stuck with them.  Today I’m going to show you my laundry room.  I thought it was one of the last rooms to get some TLC, but actually my downstairs coat closet (aka – storm shelter closet) was last.  ☺

To call my laundry room a “room” is a little ambitious.  So, I will refer to it as the “room” for the rest of this post.  It’s more of a pass-through to get from the kitchen to the garage.  I don’t fold laundry in there, but I did want the room to not look awful as the door that leads to to the laundry room from the kitchen is NEVER closed.  So, I wanted to add a couple things.

Here’s how it looked it when I started.  Actually, there was a washer and dryer in there as well.

Yes, all the trim and cabinets in my house were this weird, orange stain color.  Didn’t exactly scream “21st Century”.  The washer and dryer basically fill that entire space all the way to the door trim on both ends of the “room”.  So, as I said before, it’s a pass-through.  I longingly dream about all your great mud rooms on Pinterest and how I wish I could have one…  But, I digress.

I took the cabinet doors off, because I love the look of open cabinets, and gave the cabinets and trim a fresh coat of white semi-gloss.  Yes, white is my favorite color.  LOVE.  IT.  I also painted a horizontal stripe around the middle of the “room”.  The paint I used was all leftover paint again, so this project cost me nothing.  Well, I guess I paid for the tape that I used to mark off the stripe.

Some people are sooooo good at getting crisp lines with just tape.  Well, I’m not one of those people.  But, I did learn about a trick somewhere online (I forget where).

  1. Tape off where you don’t want to paint.
  2. Then, using your base color (in my case white), lightly brush over all the tape edges.
  3. Let it dry.  This seals the edge of the tape!

Easy, right?  It worked for 98% of the room.  And, I think the other 2% was areas that I didn’t get adequate pre-paint coverage.  ☺

So, I left the room like this for about a year and a half.  I didn’t bother doing anything with the original brown door because I wanted to replace it with a proper door for leading to the garage (i.e. – steel).  But, we had such a horrific time trying to replace all the interior doors that I finally came to the realization that I wouldn’t be the homeowner that was going to replace this particular door.  So, Dana suggested an idea that we had seen over at The Lettered Cottage.  Add a mirror to the door!!!

So, now that I was inspired, I needed a mirror.  Layla and Kevin over at Lettered Cottage ordered theirs from a local glass company.  I called one nearby and it was WAY out of my budget.  So, the idea sat in the back of my head for about 6 months.  Then, while I was perusing my local Habitat ReStore, I saw a sliding mirrored closet door.  HALLELUJAH!!!  I called Dad and he assured me that I could get the metal frame off the mirror.  So, off I went with my $10 HUGE mirror.

Once I got it home, I realized that it was the perfect width, but way too long.  I called the local glass place and they could cut it for me for $5.  Yes!!!  So, now I have a mirror that’s the perfect size for the door.  Using a bit of The Lettered Cottage’s tutorial, along with one over at Young House Love, I added my mirror to my door and a little bit of chair rail cap.  Actually, the tutorial over at YHL had me a little nervous, but I figured now that I was informed I could learn from other’s mistakes.

And, it worked!!!

I still need to paint the trim in that “room”, but need an extra pair of hands to help me move the washer and dryer out of the way.  So, it’s more toward the bottom of the list.  See those beams waaaay back in the mirror?  Yep, those are in my dining room.  But, it’s also the LAST of the orange stained wood!!!  Another day, another DIY project…

Thanks for reading!

- Christy

Are you guys as in love with that mirrored door as I am?!  So jealous. Ugh. I need it. My washer and dryer are banished to the basement. Never to be seen again. Oh what I would do for a mudroom/laundry room!  And HOW perfect would it be if my mudroom had a raised tub for rinsing off muddy puppy paws?  Genius!  A girl can dream……

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