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Striped Table Makeover

January 5, 2014 in Furniture Makeovers

Table Makeover 2

Big Guy needed a side table in his old apartment. The nightstand with custom sunglass organizer was a hit, so I thought I’d press my luck and try redoing another piece for him. Behold – my Striped Table Makeover <cue suspenseful music>.

This won’t be my most dramatic before and after… because well… I can’t find the before. <Sigh>  I swear I had one, but the photo seems to have disappeared.

Picture this -

I’m casually trolling scrolling Craigslist one afternoon and come across a very southwestern/rustic side table.  It has a rusted-finish wire drawer pull and gold accents on the legs. Yup. Gold. I sweet talk Big Guy into swinging by and picking it up… and to our surprise – it’s pretty dang big for a side table!

I removed the wire drawer pull and went shopping for something simple that would match the black/bronze legs. Then I used painters tape to create lines of varying widths across the top, wrapping them down the sides. I gave it a couple coats of stain, allowed to dry a bit and then carefully removed the tape. Voila! Love it! Two coats of water-based Minwax Polycrylic and a new handle. Bam!  Oh… and I used a black paint pen to color over the gold bands on the legs. Sorry… just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Welp – here ya go!

Table Before and After

Striped Stain Table Makeover

I love the idea of creating patterns on wood with stain. What do you think – did this striped table makeover turn out well?  I’m cooking up another project and can’t wait to show you! I think you’ll LURV it just as much as I do!



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On the Market

September 3, 2013 in Building and Repurposing

Welp, it’s official – my house is for sale… and with any luck, in a few weeks my house will be sold. I’m cautiously optimistic and hoping everything goes through. We already had one buyer hiccup, but that’s been ironed out and things are moving forward again. Keep your fingers crossed please!

In the meantime, I thought I’d kick off my Back To Blogging posts with a short photo tour. You’ll see some familiar projects and some others that are brand spanking new. Tutorials to follow of course!

Without further ado, here’s a look at my little abode. Fair warning – some of these photos are a bit grainy because my realtor snapped them. Isn’t it funny how some people think to take photos from angles you’d never imagined?

Front Yard

Front Porch

My front porch got a minor facelift – freshly painted grey and I built new stairs. Yep. Me. All by myself! I wanted to ask for more than once, but I pushed through and was SUPER proud when it was all said and done. I’ll give you a run-down on the good, the bad and the ugly in the coming weeks.

750 2nd St 9

Former projects pictured: Coffee Table Makeover  |  Tripod Lamp  |  Gallery Wall  |  Dog Gate

When you come through my sunny yellow front door, you step right into the living room. I’ve always loved the high ceilings and skylights!

750 2nd St 14

You’ve seen this room many times of course. (Maybe because it’s my favorite?)

Here’s a look back into the living room, taken while standing in the dining space:

750 2nd St 8

Former Projects Pictured:  Water Street Driftwood Sign

That lovely neutral Mexican blanket was one of my tourist snags while vacationing in Cabo earlier this year. I adore it!  (…and yes, I was the crazy girl buying a blanket on a 95 degree day!)

750 2nd St 13

Previous Projects Pictured:  DIY Silhouette Prints  |  Kitchen Table Makeover  |  Grain Sack Chairs  |  Board & Batten

Walking through the living room, you’ll find yourself in my now very sparse dining area. For most of my time in this house, I had built-in banquette seating that was only 99% finished. I never blogged about it because I fell into the bad habit of using it as-is and never TOTALLY finished the project. DIY Blogger FAIL. J Now that it’s gone, I wish I had more chairs. That banquette was GREAT storage though!

750 2nd St 11

Previous Projects Pictured:  Antique Cutting Board  |  Butcher Block Island Makeover

This picture is snapped from waaaay back in the corner behind the table. No really… I couldn’t have sucked any further into the corner!  That butcher block island has been a savior and much-loved extra counter space in my living room. I love that I can pull up a stool and work on crafty projects while having a front-row seat to the TV in the living room.

750 2nd St 10

Previous Projects Pictured:  Mason Jar Pendant Light  |  Mason Jar Soap PumpMilk Crate Wine Rack (Just out of sight)

I’ll definitely miss the high ceilings and open floorplan in this house. For a little cottage-style house, it sure does feel big… to me!


Standing here, looking into the kitchen… now turn 180 degrees and walk forward and you’ll find yourself looking at the doorways into both bedrooms.  The third closed door goes down to the basement.  First, the master bedroom:

750 2nd St 1

Previous Projects Pictured:  Union Jack Nightstand  |  My First BUILD Project EVER – Ana White Spa Bench  |  Do What You Love Sign

This is a room I never showed enough! There are several tutorials to come!

750 2nd St 2

Previous Projects Pictured:  Chalkboard Calendar  |  Milk Crate Shoe Organizer

750 2nd St 3

I’ll also miss the walk-in closets. What a handy little house!

750 2nd St 4

This modest master bath got a recent facelift thanks to my awesome Mom and sister, Christy!  Don’t know what I’d do without those gals! I’d probably still be twiddling my thumbs  trying to decide which project to tackle first so I could get my house on the market!

750 2nd St 7

Previous Projects Pictured:  Industrial Stool Makeover  |  Workbench Makeover  |  Bathroom Makeover

The guest room doesn’t really look like a guest room these days. It’s actually morphed into my project space! Would you believe that door on the right is ALSO a walk-in closet!? Man!  There’s another large closet in this room that doubles as an optional main-floor laundry space, but I opted to use it for a home office for the first year when I actually had a guest bed in this room… and eventually it became craft overflow (we all have those spaces, right?  RIGHT?!)

I’ll spare you the details of my basement. It’s a partially finished space that I barely made a dent in. My greatest contribution to the basement was painting the red ceiling white. Yep… mind-blowing, huh?


Previous Projects Pictured: Wine Bottle Tiki Torches 

Stepping outside, you head through my gate and into the privacy-fenced backyard. Clearly I’m not good at growing grass…   (Hangs head in shame)  In my defense, my dogs were also anti-grass… they did their best to run hard and fast and beat every blade down.

I’m proud to say I built that raised cedar garden bed… and three years it’s still standing strong! Sadly I didn’t plant anything this year. I had some herbs come back on their own, but I didn’t want to baby a garden knowing I’d be moving in the peak harvest time. (Is that selfish?)


This great awning is what keeps my basement bone dry in a storm. Love!  My awesome Dad set the posts and built the roof. Then I started tackling the railing after he left. Turns out 2 hands might not be enough… I also enlisted the help of my right foot… but was still dropping screws. Big Guy to the rescue!  He was nice enough to brave one of the hottest days of the summer and sweat-through some DIY. (I pay him in cold beverages!)

That building you see in the background is my AWESOME shed. It’s huge people. REALLY huge. It has French doors and is fully insulated. I always wanted to deck it out Better Homes and Gardens style and make an amazing outdoor oasis… but well… my house didn’t come with a money tree.  As a first time homeowner, I can definitely say you buy a house with dreams of amazing renovations… and then you realize those things cost money. #grownupproblems

So that’s my house – not perfect, but perfectly me!  I can’t wait to show you some projects in the coming weeks… and hopefully celebrate on my closing date!

dana red signature 400

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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kitchen Makeover

March 31, 2013 in Kitchen

Last week I shared an updated on Christy’s kitchen makeover. This week, I thought I’d stick with the theme and share my Mom’s Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kitchen Makeover!

I only wish I had BEFORE before pictures… as in when she first purchased the house, because WOW – it has come a long. way. Really long way.

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kitchen MakeoverHave you heard of Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kits? They’re sold at your local hardware store and can be tinted to a number of shades.  First and foremost – let me say – I have not been compensated by Rustoleum to write this post… nor have I received a free Cabinet Transformations Kit. My Mom bought hers at the local Lowes (and actually bought ANOTHER kit recently to makeover the kitchen in the 2nd home she just purchased).

She used the LINEN shade and top-coated with the included glaze.

The kits make painting your cabinets SO much easier. Trust me. My Mom and I painted my kitchen cabinets the “old fashioned” way a couple years ago. Man I wish we had this back then! Her cabinets look amazing and were so much easier.

I thought I might just let the photos do the talking (cuz Lord knows I talk enough…), so here you go:

rustoleum transformations linen before and after 1 rustoleum transformations linen before and after 3 rustoleum transformations linen before and after 4 rustoleum transformations linen before and after  2 rustoleum transformations linen 3 rustoleum transformations linen 2 rustoleum transformations linen 1 Rustoleum Pantry and Beverage Stations Kithcen Before and AfterWell, what do you think?!  Pretty great right!

Those cabinet beauts are courtesy of Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in LINEN and the included glaze top-coat. I absolutely LOVE the finish that the glaze provides. I think it looks so professional!

Since finishing this project, my Mom also used the kit to refinish a bathroom vanity and storage cabinet. PLUS, as I said earlier, she just purchased another kit to refinish the cabinets in a home she recently bought.

…apparently she’s a fan!

If you’re wondering what shades are available, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Rustoleum has a pretty great selection to get you started. In the image below, the left side of each door shows UNGLAZED and the right side shows GLAZED. You don’t have to do the glaze if you don’t want to, but I love the way it brings out the nooks and crannies of the wood. Cabinet-Transformations-500x676

If you’ve been thinking about refinishing your kitchen cabinets, you might want to give these kits a try. So far, they’re doing SO good for my family!

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