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Closet De-Clutter – Disaster Zone

November 21, 2011 in Bedrooms

I can’t believe I’m about to show you this picture. Are you sitting down? Promise not to judge? ….and will only offer support? :-)    Ok…. this is what my closet looked like when I opened the door not too long ago:

Ok… stop scrolling back up to look in horror. Please. Stop!  I know… it’s bad. REALLY bad.  I am addicted to hats and tote bags…. and apparently sweat shirts. My shelf runneth over. I took one glance at that side wall on the left and knew exactly what I needed to do. Take advantage of all that empty space! Get the mess up off the floor and on the wall.

You can see that I already had a couple rows of small nails on the wall to hang my hats on.  I just hated the thought of putting a bunch of hooks and nails in the wall. Is that strange? BUT…. why not PEGBOARD?!

Using 2″ screws I mounted a couple furring strips to the wall (through the studs) and then attached a piece of pegboard with a couple more screws. Tuhdah!  …and it just so happens I have about 1.4 million peg hooks in my shed. Seriously people… that shed is HUGE and the man that lived here before me went completely overboard with pegs and screws into the wall for hanging things on. Insane. (…and when I say the shed is huge… I mean HUGE. It has glass french doors, a couple windows, fully insulated and a storage loft. A person could live in there easily.)

Believe it or not… this isn’t all of them. There are still PLENTY hanging on the walls above my workbench. Out. Of. Control.   I sorted them by size and then brought a couple piles inside to start organizing!

…and after lots of reworking, this is what I had:

It’s so hard to get a good picture in this closet. I had to scrunch up against the wall to try to get a decent view of the pegboard wall. Say hi to Quinn in the bottom of that pic above! As soon as I let her in the room she went in that closet to sniff around on the floor.  Does that mean she’d never seen the floor before?  Quite possible…. it’s typically covered in tote bags. :-/   (Side note – now she likes to sleep on the floor in that closet pretty often. haha)

I decided to give my other closet the same treatment!

It’s a teeny tiny walk-in closet and this wall was completely unused. Why not?!  You know the drill…. find the studs… mount the furring strips… attach the pegboard. Rinse and repeat.

Yep, I decided to move the hats to this closet. It left more room for my purses, wristlets, clutches, totes, etc in the other closet and brought them closer to the bathroom where I actually get ready and get dressed. Win-win!

By no means would I consider my closet completely de-cluttered. The shelves are still over-stuffed, but I’ll get to that…. baby steps, people! Baby steps!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my closet. Seriously – I LUV it.  If you don’t already have some, do yourself a favor and add wire hangers to your shopping list. You’re going to want them after you see what I found on Pinterest!

Anyone else dying to decorate for Christmas?  I AM!!!  I told myself I had to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up decorations. We’ll see if I make it. :-)

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Washed-up Board turned Wall Art

November 20, 2011 in Building and Repurposing, Gettin' Crafty, Living Room, Wall Decor

Stay with me for a minute…. so I was out in the morning on the Mississippi River. I got out of the boat with a dog thinking he needed to do a little business. Well, apparently he caught a scent and BOLTED. I was stumble-running along behind him with NO chance of keeping up. All the while, I yelled after him in my biggest-meanest-I-mean-it voice  “Heeeere”.  He clearly heard me… and blew me off.

The DIY’er in me apparently had my eyes peeled mid-panic. While thoughts of what would happen to me if I lost this dog ran through my mind, along with trying not to fall on my face in all the dropped limbs, I happened to spot a board back in the brush. Eventually… yes… the dog came back. THANK GOODNESS. I’ll admit – while I was mad at him at the time, maybe I owe that dog a thank you, because without him, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this board:

That’s Quinn and Emma giving the board a once-over back at home. I loved all the weathered details and time-worn character. You can’t make that yourself!

I wanted the wood to be a bit more white so I white-washed it with watered-down Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. Yep… this is still the first and only quart of chalk paint I’ve bought. I swear this stuff lasts FOREVER.  Brush on…. wipe off with damp paper towel.

I know the difference between coats isn’t dramatic. I probably wiped most of it off. You can play with it and settle on what suits you best. Thanks to the chalk paint drying so quickly, I was able to bang out this sign in an afternoon!

I debated with my sister, Christy, on what to write on the board. I wanted a word (or a couple words) that was simple and could be used in different rooms. So anything like “GROCERY” or “GROCERIES” was off the list… although I could see myself making one of those down the road!

I thought I might like to hang it above my bay window with an old oar I found a couple years ago. Christy was trying to pack during our brainstorming session so her participation was…umm… scattered. Our miscommunications were comical and might lead to some funny signs for her in the future… but for now, we both agreed that THIS sign should say “WATER ST.”    That’s the name of the street we grew up on in Pennsylvania (1992-2002).

  1. Using Microsoft Word I printed the letters out on cardstock.
  2. I used an exacto knife to cut out my stencils….
  3. ….and taped them on with painters tape. I used lots of tape doughnuts (did someone say doughnut? Why am I instantly hungry??) under the stencils to hold them down nice and tight.
  4. I made my own grey paint using a slate grey, a dab of black, and a hint of a lighter gray acrylic paint. Then I used a foam cheap-o brush to dab the paint on. Less is more… so I used a sponging technique to reduce the amount of paint that ran under the stencil.
  5. Voila!  Remove the stencil and stare at the sign for at least 4 minutes with a goofy smile on your face.
  6. In pic 6, I’d lightly sanded the left side of the sign, but not the right side. Love how it knocks the deep grey back a few tones. Here’s a close-up:

I ran around the house holding the sign up in tons of places. Lets just say there are MANY spots where this sign would look right at home. For now, I stuck with my original idea and hung it above the oar in the living room. It’s a nice pop of white to draw the eye up to the oar.

Keep scrolling… you know me…. I’m not done with the pictures yet!

I’m thinking some faux roman shades might be nice in that bay window. Thoughts?

I love it!  What do you think?  Do you like the white wash or would you have left it untouched?  I guess I owe that dog an apology.  I take back the scolding…. but not the dirty look. :-)

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Easy Breezy Wreath

September 16, 2011 in For the Holidays, Gettin' Crafty, Kitchen, Wall Decor

Just a simple post for you today. Feel like I’ve been a little heavy on the photos lately so I thought I better keep this one easy breezy!

This past spring I got this piece from an antique store (Red Barn) in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The tag on it claimed it was an 1800′s cutting board. I’m not so sure I buy that story… but I liked the look of the wood and it’s sheer size so I decided to bring it home with me. PLUS – it was 50% off!

Sorry for the wonky blue looking cabinet. The sheen of the cabinets made it tough to get a pic that accurately depicted the cutting board without making the cabinets look cuh-razy!   ….also probably doesn’t help that my camera battery is dead so I used my iPhone to snap the pics.  

I brought the cutting board home and hung it on the side of my  pantry cabinet in the kitchen. I liked the way the old wood balanced the bright white cabinets. It hung bare for a while… For a while I thought about painting it to look like an old sign, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put paint on such a neat, untouched piece.

So there she hung…. bare naked.  ….Until I saw a jute wrapped wreath and thought…. I WANT ONE!

I bought a foam wreath and some jute twine.  A couple of glue sticks, several burns and many expletives later, I had successfully fully wrapped my wreath with twine.  I had a jar of paper flowers I picked up a while back at Michaels in the scrapbook department (on Clearance!). When I bought them I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them so I stuck them on a shelf until now.

I used simple straight pins with white tops to attach the flowers to the wreath. After spending so much time and sacrificing my finger prints, I didn’t want to permanently attach them. I’m sure I’ll want to change things up eventually… It’s pretty darn crafty, but for now I’m diggin the paper store-bought scrapbook flowers on the wreath!

Check it out -

Have a great weekend!  It’s starting to feel like fall and I CAN’T WAIT.  I hear cute boots and cozy sweaters calling my name!

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