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PBR Sign – Make your own Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign

June 5, 2014 in Gettin' Crafty, Living Room, Wall Decor

Ready to  make your own PBR Sign?  Grab some wood, paint and a projector and let’s get started on a Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign!

It’s no secret the Big Guy loves his fair share of PBR swag. From golf pants (and shorts) to patio lights and glassware, it’s not hard to find PBR paraphernalia around our place.  For the Big Guy’s birthday I gave him PBR Art, signed by the artist! They are three AWESOME matching prints of large murals that hang in a watering hole near  Busch Stadium.

I wanted to try my hand at my own piece… Remember this planked wood sign? Well – I decided it was time to give it a makeover. So I pulled it off the wall and just painted right over the top!  Here goes nothing!

PBR Projector


I printed off a transparency of the PBR logo. I slapped it on my trusty $5 yardsale 1980′s projector (remember the kind they had when we were in school?  Yeah…. just like that!) .  In the photo above, you can see that I painted right over the old sign with grey paint. I just started following the lines and painting away!  No tracing and turning off the projector… just let that bad boy light up the room, crack open a beer and have at it.

PBR Painted


I already had a nail in the wall… so I hung the sign there and steadied it with washi tape while painting.  Don’t you just love washi tape? There are about a million ways to use it!

PBR Sign 2

So what do you think of my PBR art?  Should I get bonus points for making some man-cave art for the Big Guy?  Yeah…. I think so too!

PBR Sign 1

Did you hear that Big Guy?  Bonus points!


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Faux Metal Letter

November 14, 2013 in Gettin' Crafty, Living Room

A 2′ tall metal D?! Faux real?!  No, not really. It’s paper mache… but it looks pretty real to me!

On Sunday I shared a new crafty product with you that I snagged at JoAnns over the weekend. I made a Faux Letterpress Block… which truth be told… was my practice for THIS project!


I started with the following supplies:


  • Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Hematite – $4.79 with coupon
  • Metallic Acrylic Paint – $1.99
  • 23.5″ Paper Mache Letter D from JoAnns – $6 with coupon!

I‘ve been on the hunt for old, metal letter D’s for-evah!  You see, both me and the Big Guy have D names… so it’s pretty obvious. He’s a D. I’m a D. We’re D’s.

The process was pretty simple. So simple in fact that I forgot to take my typical step-by-steps. Eep. Forgive me?

I started by painting the giant D with the metallic silver acrylic paint.



Then using the same technique as the Faux Letterpress Block, I applied the Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Hematite. I used a mixed bag of applying by hand, with a brush in the crevices and with a touch of water added to help blend. The rub is wax-based and dries very quickly. After a couple minutes, I ran over it lightly with a rag to buff… and tuh-dah! Done!

Faux Metal Letter D


At the store, I was bummed about my letter’s imperfections… but once I started to apply the metallic rub, I LOVED them. They started to take on the look of welded joints! Extra texture galore!

I’ll keep hunting for metal D’s… but in the meantime, this one will keep me smiling!


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Soda Crate Dog Feeder

November 11, 2013 in Building and Repurposing, Do it your Dog-Gone Self, Gettin' Crafty, Pups

Vintage Soda Crate Dog Feeder!

Vintage Soda Crate Dog Feeder

I ventured into the garage one Sunday, determined to make raised dog feeders for both of them. I quickly realized I didn’t have the right boards on hand and was too lazy to go to Lowes. …and then I spotted it. The Oklahoma Beverage Co. vintage crate that Christy gave me. Oh happy day! I had an idea!

Here’s a run-down on how I did it:

Soda Crate Dog Feeder How To DIY

First, I found a piece of scrap plywood I had lying around and cut it to the appropriate size for my crate. Then, I traced circles on the boards for my silver dog bowls. Using a drill, I created starter-holes to make it easier to cut the circles out with my jigsaw. Easy Peasy! Then I stained both sides of the plywood with Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain in Crimson to match the worn red lettering on the crate.  I attached plates to the bottom and screwed in the bun feet. Staining them with Minwax Weathered Oak gave them the perfect aged tone to complement the crate without competing.  I attached the top with hinges just in case someone wanted to store things inside or make it easier to clean/dust.

…and when all was said and done:

Soda Crate Dog Feeder Collage

and insert cute lab.  Thanks Quinn for being our model.

IMG_6229If only it was a hair taller. Just a smidge to short for my big lab and leggy boxer. I’m completely smitten with it!

Just what you’re looking for?  It’s for sale on ETSY!  Snag this Vintage Soda Crate Dog Feeder before someone else does! If you’re close to St. Louis (or Tulsa, Oklahoma) and interested in purchasing, shoot me an email. Depending on timing, you could pick up in St. Louis or Tulsa and save the shipping fee!

Such a great dog feeder to add a little vintage character to your pooch’s mealtime!


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