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{Crashing at Christy’s} Kitchen Makeover Update #3

March 25, 2013 in Crashing at Christy's, Kitchen

Hey guys – First and foremost – I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA!  I stated a new job about a month ago and it’s been a lot of road time commuting back and forth. Hopefully there will be some big changes in my near future that’ll put an end to all that. ….but I’ll spill more about that later. For now – let’s get a KITCHEN MAKEOVER UPDATE from Christy!

….and yes, it’s been forrrrever and a day since her last update. I’d love to say it’s all her fault, but it’s not. She sent this to me a few weeks ago and it’s just taken me a bit to find time to add it to the blog.  #bloggerproblems

I hope you enjoy her latest update. I can’t wait to visit her and see kitchen in person. The tile is gorgeous! …and be warned. There are a solid 25 photos in this post. 25!

hori line 600

Christy Crashing

Kitchen Update #3 I think? Whew, it’s been a while. Ever notice how when you get a room functional again, the progress slows? Yep, that’s where we’ve been. All we lack is finishing up! ☺ So, let’s update you on what has happened since the last time I visited Crafted Niche.

Oh my goodness. I just realized that the last update was at the beginning of November. Wow, I’m the worst blog sister EVER. But, things during that time have been a little crazy and hectic. Life. So, anyway, worst blog sister EVER and let’s get started.

The last update we were only here. I can’t believe how long ago that seems. (Christy, it WAS almost 4 months ago!!!) Well, I’m feeling generous so I’ll show you where we’re at now.

Christy kitchen 1

Christy kitchen 2

Whew!  It’s coming to life finally and it’s a real kitchen.  Now I’ll get started with telling you how we went from no countertops to a functional kitchen.

When I last updated you, we had cabinets but no countertop.  Well, the Lowes contractors did a phenomenal job on the countertops.  Did it take over 5 weeks to get them in after having templates made?  Yes, but the wait was worth it.  So pretty.

As soon as the countertops were laid down I covered them in plastic.  It was backsplash time!

Christy kitchen 3

Christy kitchen 4

Christy kitchen 5

I won’t give a step-by-step of how to tile because there are so many online. And, who knows if I’m doing it the absolute correct way. But, my mom and dad taught me and so far it hasn’t failed me. Slap some mortar up, slap some tile up. Thankfully this tile came in 12×12” sheets. Thank GOODNESS.

I used a trick I’ve seen around blog land for tiling behind the stove. Basically, I wanted a straight line across the back of the stove so that it went from one side of the countertop and joined over on the other side. Does that make any sense? How about a picture? That casing trim will stay there. It was left over from another project and will get a fresh coat of white paint when I run out of other things to do.

Christy kitchen 6

Making progress!

Christy kitchen 8

Christy kitchen 7


Christy kitchen 9


Then, Thanksgiving came and went.  The man and I got to see some family and friends in Little Rock and the backsplash remained ungrouted for about a week.  My parents and man helped me out while I was recovering from illness and grouted the ENTIRE THING for me!  Feelin’ the love, people!

Then it was time to cover those beautiful counters finally.

Christy kitchen 10

Yep, Christmastime came and went.

Christy kitchen 11

Christy kitchen 12

I really wanted to use my bar top so I found myself some Craigslist counter stools for $10 each!  But, the seats needed recovering.  So, I got to work.

Christy kitchen 13

Christy kitchen 14

Christy kitchen 15

Oh, and I have three of those rugs now.  Thank you Target clearance!  One in front of the stove, one in front of the sink, and one at the backdoor.

Okay, I guess now it is time to get those shelves hung on that tiled wall.  I got my brackets (or corbels) at Home Depot.  I used the same ones as Young House Love did in their kitchen renovation.  They really were the best option out there and not too awfully priced.  I also used their tutorial for my install.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, Christy.  So head over there and see their fantastic tutorial.

To start, I mapped out where I wanted the shelves and marked it with tape.

Christy kitchen 16

I did that on both sides of the window.  Then, I got out my masonry drill bit and drilled a hole.  Yikes.  I cut four of my fingers and it took FOREVER.  This is when the logical side of me decides that there are some things that I’m willing to hire someone to do.  I have wonderful neighbors who always know someone they’ve used in the past.  So, I got a guy to come in and hang the shelves for me.  I didn’t want to risk ruining my tile!

Christy kitchen 17

Christy kitchen 18

Is the kitchen all complete today?  Nope.  It’s functional, so like I said, progress as s…l….o…w…e…d.  But, I’m getting a second wind.  Third wind?  Probably fifth wind.  Here’s where the kitchen sits today.

Christy kitchen 19

Christy kitchen 20

Christy kitchen 21

Christy kitchen 22

Christy kitchen 23

There’s now stuff on the shelves, but I’d like to wait until the rest of the list is complete before I show you that.  J

Things left to do:

  • Paint walls grey where we misjudged cabinet coverage
  • Caulk and fill nail holes on window trim and baseboards
  • Paint all window trim and baseboards
  • Install, caulk, and paint crown molding

That’s not too awful.  So, want a little before and during?

kitchen makeover before and after

Thanks for taking a look.  Hopefully I’ll make some more progress this weekend!

- Christy

hori line 600

I think she’s on a roll. Now the question is, has she made any progress on her kitchen makeover since this post? Here’s hoping she doesn’t make us wait another 4 months for an update! (hint, hint Christy)

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{Crashing @ Christy’s} Kitchen Makeover – Stage 2

November 7, 2012 in Crashing at Christy's, Kitchen

Wow!  It feels like I’ve been away from the blog FOR-EVER. It wasn’t intentional. I had a moment of frustrated, frugal anger and CANCELLED my internet service. Trust me… they were overcharging.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I’m BACK IN BUSINESS. Saving $40 a month, no contract and a FASTER speed. Booyah. Take that Centurylink. I hate how phone, cable and internet companies give new customers a great price…. and then jack up the fees over time. So much for rewarding loyal customers!

Anywhoooo, I’m back from my impromptu blogcation and ready to share some of my fun!

First and foremost  – we’re long overdue for an update from my sister Christy on her kitchen makeover. She first spilled the beans on her culinary-overhaul on October 1st. Wait until you see the progress!  Take it away, Christy…

Hey, fellow Crafted Niche followers!  I’m back to talk about my kitchen makeover.  I am so over this kitchen makeover.  Over it.  This is a never ending project and I’m sick of going out to eat.  We’ve been without a kitchen for about 8 weeks now.  Lame city.  But, let me show you what we’ve accomplished since you last looked and maybe that will lift my spirits.

We painted the walls to prepare for the cabinets being installed.  I am loving grey right now and we went with Valspar’s Urban Sunrise.  It will also be the hallway color (that or another one from the swatch).

The unpainted parts in the kitchen are where tile is going to go.  So excited to get to that part, but we have to wait for the countertops.  Blah.

Next up…. CABINETS!!!  This is where it starts to look like a kitchen again.  The Lowes installers were here for about a day and a half.  They did a great job and had to spend a lot of time leveling since my old house is so off-level.

See that cutout below the window?  Impromptu electrician visit.  We had to have a wire run through the walls so that all the backs wouldn’t need to be cut out of the cabinets.  So, I patched those a few days later.

See that blue “body outline” on the floor?  That was a tape reminder not to step there.  I had to try to smooth out a crack before we could tile in there.

I am so glad I had them installed instead of doing that part DIY.  There are some things that are better left to the pros.  For me, this was one of those things.

What now?  More tiling of course!

We had to do an appliance shuffle because my old water shutoff valve doesn’t quite shut the water off.  Almost, but not quite.  So, we just kept sliding the fridge around after the mortar was set (at 24 hours later).

Had to show off some of my mom’s skills at cutting tile.  She does such a great job!

Loving this tile color with the white cabinets!  And, it should be noted that you don’t see our Labs’ hair tumbleweeds as much now.  Yes!!!

Grout, de-haze, and seal.  Then, we could bring in the appliances!  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be cooking in our house again.  So excited.  But, we’ll still be without a sink for a few more weeks.  Boooooo.  Oh well, the next milestone is in our sights!

I love how my over-the-range microwave and range look together.  So pretty.  And, that microwave makes a mean bag of popcorn.  Perfect.

Here’s a couple before-and-after’s to show you how we’re doing…

It feels bigger somehow.  But, we didn’t move any walls or add any floor space.  Actually, we lost a couple feet of cabinets, but we’ve gained countertop space.  Up next is trim, countertops, tile, open shelves, oh my!  And, then one day (probably this Winter), we’ll get around to tiling the floor in the laundry room that is seen from the kitchen.  One day.

Thanks for reading!


Pretty amazing already, right?!  I’m telling you… Christy should be the one blogging. That girl is a get ‘er dun type… Whether it’s brass fixtures, 1970′s paneling or outdated cabinets, she’s a take-no-prisoners DIY’er.

And speaking of impressive….  my sisters are BOTH running HALF-MARATHONS in a week. Ummm WOW. I’m so proud of both of them. I wish I was closer so I could cheer them on and be their #1 fan. Super proud of my sisters!

……aaaaand sorry for the long delay in posting on the blog! I promise… I won’t cancel my internet in anger without having a back-up plan next time!

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{Crashing @ Christy’s} Kitchen Makeover Kick-Off

October 1, 2012 in Crashing at Christy's, Kitchen

Christy’s back again! This time she’s sharing how she kicked-off her kitchen makeover. I’m amazed at her progress already! I’ll let her take it from here…

Oh my. So, I’m writing this post because I couldn’t stand the thought of working on this project for one more minute tonight. I’m extremely tired and will continue tomorrow. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

So, I took the plunge and decided that 2012 would be The Year of the Kitchen. Woot woot! Very exciting until you write down what all needs to happen to get a new kitchen.

This is how it’s looked for a few years.

kitchen collage 1.jpg

Ever realize how a home project in one room can spiral into the adjoining rooms? UGH. There are two types of flooring in the dining room/kitchen/laundry areas. I knew that I wanted to all be tile. So, once I ordered the cabinets and countertops (I ended up going with Lowes’ Shendoah Cabinetry line), I wasted no time suckering talking my guy into scraping out the old parquet flooring. Thank goodness he helped. It would have taken me triple the amount of time that it took him.

kitchen collage 2.jpg

Walking on the bare concrete was gross and I’m looking forward to the whole room being tiled. Notice the paneling in this room (dining room)? Well, it kinda just ends at the current cabinets. So, I needed to get this room drywalled so it would make sense with the new cabinets and open shelving I have planned. This part I had done by a pro. It’s totally worth paying someone to mud/tape and hang drywall. They’re so much quicker and better at it! See, project continues to spiral…

So, I had to rip out the cabinets first. That took about a week of ripping out and taking breaks. Then, I found a guy on Craigslist that would haul away the materials from demo for only $125! Sweet. Less than a dumpster and what I had wouldn’t have fit in a Bagster. Score.

All my cabinets were built in place back in 1965 so they were a bear to tear out!

kitchen collage 3.jpg

Pretty right? One of the holes was from a laundry chute that dropped into the kitchen. And the others were from old leaks. Creepy. Enter the drywall guy…

In addition to tearing out the paneling, they had to tear out the scrap drywall pieces that was placed as filler behind the paneling.

kitchen collage 4.jpg

Add some primer and it’s really looking nice. I still need to caulk the ends of the beams where there’s now a gap from the paneling not being there.

Kitchen 20.png

Getting ready for tile now! My mom offered to help (and she’s a worker bee) so I definitely took her up on her offer. I got her help for 7 hours. She’s a master tile cutter and mortar mixer. Definitely a handy lady to have around during a project like this. And, my guy helped us out by carrying in tile, mortar, and running to get tools we forgot or lunch. Everyone was exhausted at the end of the 7 hours. BUT, it was totally worth it to knock out a major chunk of the tiling.

This is us getting our layout correct and snapping our chalk lines.

Kitchen 21.png

My guy had pity on me and helped by taking out all the spacers. I probably would have cried if I had to do it before grouting. My body was soooooooo tired.

kitchen collage 5.jpg

A series of pictures makes it look so quick. Ha! Is it easy? Yes. But, it’s time consuming and you will definitely be sore and tired. It’s all sealed and helped us spread out some of the sore muscles,

Lowes installers are coming this week to install the cabinets so we’re making a mad dash this weekend to finish up prep work for them. We have to remove the linoleum in the kitchen, would like to paint the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. I just think it will be so much easier to do that before the cabinets are in. So, back to a little couch recovery so I have a little energy in the morning!


How GREAT does that tile look?  Uh-mazeballs right?!  I wish I had a fireplace in my dining room. How cozy. Who am I kidding… I wish I had a fireplace in ANY room. #MantleEnvy

Stay tuned for the next update… this one is going to be GOOD!

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