Workbench Makeover {aka The Night I Forgot my Lifetime-Movie Education}

November 9, 2012 in Building and Repurposing, Furniture Makeovers, Gettin' Crafty, Thrifty Thursday

Do you watch Lifetime Movie Network? Odds are, you’re shaking your head yes. That is… if you’re a girl. OR – if you’re a married man. Face it guys… you’ve watched it too.

After logging countless hours of lifetime movies while killing time on the couch or painting rooms, and I like to think I’ve learned some valuable life lessons…

…or have I?

You know me… I love to find my men on Craigslist!

I saw this hunk-a-hunk-a-workbench-love and sent the guy a text. This just might be the workbench makeover I’ve been looking for! He responded with the photos above. Hmmmm For $30, what do I have to lose?

When he told me I couldn’t GPS his address, that should have been a warning to my Lifetime-watching self.

When he told me to follow the gravel road for three miles…

When I arrived after dark at the house and it sat a quarter-mile off the gravel road…

But as I pulled up and saw how flippin’ gorgeous the house was… and then turned my head and was instantly, insanely jealous about the uh-mazing workshop big enough to EASILY fit 8 cars inside…  my worries fell aside.

…and then Steve walked out. Old enough to be my Dad and walked with a bit of a limp. (He later revealed he recently had a wart frozen off his pinkie toe. Yup, Steve was an over-sharer… more examples to follow)

So Steve and I started yappin’. He lit up when I told him I like to tinker with power tools.  LIT. UP!

“You wanna see my pile of junk?”

Gee Steve, I thought you’d never ask. Heck yes!

Next thing I know, Steve’s digging in his shop for a flashlight because he wants to show me the pile on the side of the building. Yup… pitch black over there.

Did I follow Steve into the darkness?

Why yes, yes I did.  I’m sorry Mom. I know I shouldn’t have. But he said “pile of junk” and that’s like telling a 4 year old you have a lifetime supply of candy in your creepy van.

And WOW!  What a great pile of junk!

We got the workbench loaded in the car and as he helped me BUNGEE CORD my back hatch down, he says quite possibly the best thing he said all night.

“Ya know, if you’re gonna go junkin’, you gotta getchurself a truck.”

Wise words, my Steve. Wise words.

Side note – Santa, I could use some bungee cords for Christmas. Apparently those things are infinitely handy!

After not so securely fastening my hatch, Steve-O turns to me and says -

“You wanna come inside and meet my wife and see the house?”

My inner-Lifetime-Movie-watcher should have screamed “STRANGER DANGER” and jumped in my car… but did I?

“Ummmmmmmm Sure!”

Sorry again Mom… I know…. I know better. But the house was SO pretty and I could see a gorgeous kitchen through the windows!

So we head inside, I meet the wifey, and next thing I know, I’m getting a room-by-room tour of their home. Admittedly – I think the wife thought I was crazy… and between us, I probably was.  What the heck was I doing IN THEIR HOME?! Every time I was about to politely leave, I’d see something in another room that would suck me in. Gah. Gorgeous house!

So an hour later, I finally left.  But you should be proud of me…. I consciously made it a point to NOT allow myself to be cornered in a room. Ha! See – I told you I learned something from my Lifetime movies!

…and Steve wants me to call him so I can come back for him to teach me how to weld. Will I call? Probably not. :-(   But MAN I’d love to learn how to weld!

Steve might be right… if I’m gonna go junkin’, I need to getmyselfuh truck.  I laugh every time I see that workbench hanging out the back. It’s like my hatch flew open and my car threw up a workbench!

…and YES – I got that thing out of the car ALL. BY. MYSELF.  A wise man once told me -

“You’re strong like a small pony.”

I think he’s right.

The awesome people at Minwax sent me this can of stain to try out.  Have you heard of CLASSIC GRAY Minwax Stain?  Oh man… It’ll knock your socks off. It’s the perfect greyish grey without any red (rusty) undertones.

I flew home the next night to sand the top of the workbench and put a coat of classic gray Minwax stain on top. This stuff is really easy to work with!  Just brush it on, being careful to keep a wet edge. Then I let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, I buffed it with an old t-shirt to remove excess stain. All of that happened well after dark… but this is what I saw in the daylight the next morning:

Yup… I’m liking it!  I concocted my own homemade chalk paint like I did on my last Craigslist Beau and gave him two coats of paint on the base.

Without further ado… what do you think?!

Not too shabby for a $30 workbench makeover, eh?!  He cleaned up right nice. I think Steve would be proud. He did build this with his own bare hands after all!  I love the time-worn dings and scuffs on the workbench. So authentic!

…and I think this workbench will be PERFECT for my craft room… paired along side my vintage lockers. Stay tuned… and update on those COMING SOON!

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