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{Snapshot #2} Runner? Who? Me?!

September 25, 2012 in Get the D-Tails, Snapshots

I hope you guys are enjoying a peek into my life as much as I am enjoying sharing with you!

Most of you know – I started working for a new company in January and it’s been AWESOME. They place a high value on our company culture and work hard at creating and maintaining it. …L.U.V. that.

This spring, two of my coworkers began running at lunch. I watched them leave every day to run… and thought… “Man, I wish I could do that!” … And after a couple weeks, I found myself asking “Man, why don’t I do that?”  Honestly… I didn’t have a good answer. So I vowed to bring my clothes and join in.

…and that’s exactly what I did!

Fast-forward through a summer than consistently saw temps soar into the 100′s and guess what  -  the majority of weeks we still ran 4-5 days/week. Booyah! Those ladies PUSHED me and made me realize I CAN do it.

Do I like to run?

Short answer – NO.

Long answer – SOMETIMES. I don’t hate it… but I haven’t totally caught the bug yet. I dread running on really hot days. It’s brutal in our Missouri humidity. But when I’m out there, pushing myself… and realizing I am capable… it’s pretty fun.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you probably saw some photos from The Color Run in St. Louis last month. It was my FIRST 5K and OH SO MUCH FUN!!! I ran with my coworker Danieal, who always reminds me to “keep breathing”. (Trust me, when I first starting running with these gals – those were wise words to hear!)

Everyone starts the race in a white shirt. ….but we didn’t stay that way for long! Every kilometer, they douse you in colored cornstarch, effectively rendering us running-tie-dyed-humans. How fun!

As you can see – there was quite the crowd! The event sold out with 15,000 runners. Insane. We were in the last wave to go, but there was still plenty of energy in the crowd!

We snapped some pics along the way… and yes, that’s a sea of people in white running down the hill after us!

It was definitely a family event… I might even venture to say that only about 1/3 of the people (if that) were actually running it. But that’s okay! It was kind of fun weaving my way in, out and around people as we jogged along. Took me back to my days of playing with micromachines and zipping them around. Don’t act surprised that I played with Micro-machines…. Normalcy has never been my thing. :-)

After the race, it’s a color free-for-all! Every racer has a packet of color and they encourage people to gather together near the DJ/Stage for color tosses. Just imagine being in the middle of a huge POOF of color… and that’s about it! I took this video as we were leaving. Thought it might give you an idea of just how much color went up in the air (about every 20 minutes!).

How cool right?!

I want to take a second to say a HUGE Thank you to Danieal and Lynn for pushing me every day to run harder and further. You girls are AWESOME!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you jusssst might want to! Lynn and I are running the St. Louis Warrior Dash this weekend. EEEEEK!  This girl = nervous! But I’m not going to let a little mud, barbed wire and fire stop me…

I hope you’ll all tackle something you’ve convinced yourself that you couldn’t do. We’re all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credits for. Don’t hold back… just jump in! You really CAN do it! Let my non-running-loving-self be proof. :-)

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{Auction Adventure} Bidding Against the Boys

September 24, 2012 in Get the D-Tails, Gettin' Crafty

Do you remember my auction adventure last year?

I scored some amazing deals… including a $3 grain sack! I might never see dressers go for $1 again. I think it was the 98 degree heat and blazing sun that kept the bidders away… and gave me an opportunity to find things like vintage wooden pool balls, a quirky old blue tackle box, tons of chairs and a cool stand that now doubles as a nightstand.

This past Sunday I decided to throw on my red baseball cap and hit up another auction. Gorgeous 68 degree day… why not?! At least this time I wouldn’t be singed by the sun!

Do you use InstaGram? If not, Oh you SO should! It’s a fun form of social media that people (like myself) are totally hooked on.

If you follow @craftedniche on InstaGram, then you’ve seen these photos (but didn’t get the full story). …and I wanted to share them with those of you that may not have hopped on the Insta-Wagon yet…

Crafted Niche - Auction HopefulDo you see the sheer hope, excitement and anticipation in my eyes? (Okay, okay… there’s a dash of ridiculousness in there too… but that part was on purpose!)

Okay Ladies…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Auctions aren’t just for men.

There… I said it. I’m telling you – they’re F-U-N!  I think my favorite things to dig through are the old, dusty boxes and crates out of the basements and garages. No telling what you’ll find in them!

I got my bidding number  (#138! Woop!) and took a quick swoop around the flat-bed trailers to see what was up for grabs.

It was tough – they had TWO auctioneers going at once.

With only one Dana…..

…that meant a lot of back and forth!

In my first swoop – check out what I spotted!

Why yes… that would be a stack of grain sacks! SEVEN grain sacks to be exact! Hip hip hooooray! Making a mental note of the trailer they were sitting on, I headed on down to bid against “the boys”.

It cracks me up to watch the looks on the faces of the old men when I show up and start bidding against them on tools and “junk”.

I’m telling you… forget the tables of doilies and dishcloths… this girl is headed for the gears, metal and junk.

Case in point – this awesome wire milk crate I scored!

…and then these three aqua blue ball jars that somehow ended up on the tool trailer rather than over in the “girly stuff”. Good thing for me!

Sure, they’re dusty… but I can take care of that!

As the day carried on, I bid on quite a few things… but I didn’t win most of it. Definitely an active group of bidders there today. Bah.

I saw the COOLEST old bench that would have been such a fun coffee table. Sigh… I’m cheap though and refused to bid higher than $35 for it.

Same goes for one of those old paper cutters you’d see in a general store. It sold for $15. Maybe next time…

But I did add a few more things to my pile!

Check out those grain sacks! Booooyah! I also snagged that adorable SINGER oil can, the small white dish and the black cast iron piece. Those three small items were thrown together in a lot.

Ok – listen up! It’s “Learn from Dana’s Mistakes” Time.

When they’re lumping together tons of items to get the people bidding – PAY. ATTENTION.

I watched one of the auction guys grab a box I had my eye on… It was full of some great old rulers,t-squares, protractors and such… and happened to have a hatchet in it also.

Long story short…. I thought I was bidding on the entire box. Turns out I bought JUST the hatchet. Ugh. At least it was only $2. Guess someone’s getting a hatchet from me for Christmas! ha!

…but about 5 minutes later I redeemed myself. I snagged a GREAT red tool tray that was full of randomness. As I walked away with my red tool tray and hatchet, a little old man stopped me, asking if I wanted to sell the metal file in my tool tray. Heck yes!  (oh wait… look tough Dana…)

Dana: Maybe… how much?

Man: Hmmm… <plays in dirt with toe of his boot>  a dollar?

Dana: <smiling nicely>  how about $2?

Bam! Sold! We’ll just call my hatchet free. :-)

All in all – it was a great day! I came home and cleaned up several of the items and have listed a few in my Etsy Store.

Keep an eye out for an update on those grain sacks! I’m debating – should I wash them? Or will that ruin them?

Hope you guys had a fun and productive weekend!  And thank you to the amazing new followers of Crafted Niche. I’m so happy you’re here!

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{Fall Flashback} Easy Fall Wreath

September 23, 2012 in For the Holidays, Gettin' Crafty, Wall Decor

Did you like last week’s first installment of Fall Flashbacks? Well this week just might be EVEN easier!

Easy Fall Wreath

Confession – This wreath was originally created to be a FALL project. Fast forward 12 months… and my head hangs in shame as I realize this wreath has hung on the old cutting board… all…. year…..

Good news – it looks just as great today as it did way back then!

Again, please forgive the photos… this was way back in the day when I snapped everything with my iPhone!

Click Here for the Full Tutorial on how I made this EASY wreath!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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