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Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro {Review & Giveaway}

June 29, 2012 in Outside

First, let me start by saying…

I’m so excited to be hosting the First. Ever. Giveaway. at!  It’s crazy to think I’ve been hanging out at for almost a year now. Insanity. It’s been fun though and I’m super excited about what lies ahead.

This is the first of several giveaways coming your way in the VERY near future! I’ve been contacted by some really cool companies lately and have agreed to check out their stuff on one condition… that they give YOU something too! I mean, let’s be honest… it’s not very fun to read about how other people getting to play… you guys want to play too!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the nicest gal at Procter and Gamble (Hi Mara!). She let me know that Mr. Clean, Bounty and The Home Depot were Teaming Up and asked if I’d be interested in trying the new Mr. Clean Outdoor Products line.

Thought in head:  I have enough trouble cleaning the inside of my house… now you want me to clean the outside too?!

With the promise of easy use, I decided to give it a whirl.  P&G sent me a box packed with 2 of everything… one for me. One for YOU!  I just want to be very clear here ladies and gents… P&G sent me a box o’ free schtuff so I could give it a whirl and GIFT to you too!  (Keep reading… there’s a surprise BONUS in the giveaway!)

So lets get crackalackin’!  What’s in the box?  Have a look and see:

Ok… ridiculous confession.  I was SO excited about The Home Depot’s nail apron. Crazy? Maybe…. but that thing is going to be HANDY! By now you guys know I LUV to build stuff and that apron gets me jazzed. I feel official now. Hey… I warned you I was about to say something ridiculous. What will be even more ridiculous?  When I have an apron fashion show and post the pictures!

Soooooooo I have some Outdoor Pro cleaning stuff. Now what? Umm DUH! We clean! 

Procter & Gamble included some ideas on outdoor dirtyness to tackle and one of them REALLY struck a chord with me. Did you know only 25 percent of consumers clean their grills and only 20 percent of consumers clean their outdoor furniture? (According to a recent Procter & Gamble survey)

Whoa. 25% of consumers clean their grills.  Am I part of that group? HECK no. My grill is dirty. Really dirty. Like… I’ve never EVER cleaned it sort-of-dirty. I’m not proud… but I am being honest.

I’ll wait until you stop laughing.

No really.

Stop laughing at my grill.

It was a gift!  My parents’ sweet 90-something year old neighbor gave it to me when he could no longer live in his home. See… You’re not laughing now are you?  :)   My Dad slapped a new starter on it and it was as good as new. Ok, maybe not NEW… but it was good to go!

Fast forward 2 years… and that grill has been sitting outside my house in the elements. By elements I mean rain, snow, dirt and LABRADOR. Scroll back up and take a closer look at the wood. Specifically the handle on the lid and the shelf on the right side.

Did you see that?

Yup.  My chocolate lab, Quinn (aka Quinneth Paltrow), decided to take a bite out of my grill. Several bites to be exact. Oh so nice of her. I guess she REALLY wanted a brat!

Sigh… I love her… but sometimes she is SUCH a lab!

Anywho, time to push up our sleeves and dive in. Lets see what this Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro and Bounty paper towels can do!

I started by wetting the Magic Eraser and wringing out the excess water. Working fairly quickly (it’s 106 degrees outside today!) I gave the grill a good wipe down. Notice how the only white spot on the sponge was where my thumb had been. Ick. Dirrrrrty.

Then I used the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray all over the exterior. This stuff really kicked into gear. I was uber impressed. You could visibly see the grime coming off. Just spray on… wipe off. Have yourself a Karate Kid session and before you know it, that grill is looking GOOD!

The most impressive part, you ask? I can answer that question… EASILY. The glass! At first I attacked the glass with the spray. I could tell it was getting off years of grime, but there were still a couple spots that were clearly going to need some elbow grease. Why not try the eraser! Oh. Emma. Gee. (That’s my version of OMG.  I have a dog named Emma….)   The grime came RIGHT OFF with the eraser. No elbow grease required. At this point I was completely sold. Hook, line and sinker.

Want to see the after? Oooookay!  Keep in mind, this grill is lord-knows how old… and the original finish is all but gone. BUT – I’m totally feeling inspired to give it a makeover now!

SO much better!

I’ve NEVER been able to see through this glass. I’m not kidding. NEVER EVER. It’s pretty clear I need to tackle those grill racks next. What do you think, Mr. Clean – are you up for the challenge?!

Now my mind is thinking about all the other uses for this stuff. I have some things in mind I’d like to clean.. my outdoor wicker set and  some hanging lanterns from the front porch for starters.

Now – the fun part!  Who wants to win?!

One lucky Crafted Niche reader will win a $20 Home Depot Gift Card PLUS – their very own Home Depot / Bounty / Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro kit!

Yep! a $20 Home Depot Gift Card PLUS the Awesome Cleaning Kit!

     Good Luck Everyone!

Tell your friends! Tell your coworkers! Your Moms! Your Dads! I mean… We’re all dirtier than we want to admit and who doesn’t love money to spend at Home Depot!?  Enter to win so Bounty, Home Depot & Mr. Clean can help clean you up!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Good luck!

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 While P&G did give me these products for free, all opinions are my own.

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Guest Bath Motivation

June 26, 2012 in Bathrooms

I started my guest bath makeover a long time ago. Ok, that’s an understatement… it was last year.

My Mom came up to tile the floor

I kung-fu’d some shelves out of the nook and painted

and Dad came to help me put the toilet back in.

where continued progress should be>

<still chirping>

<chirp chirp chirp>

I think you get the idea. I’ve been slacking. Hard core.  (Can you slack hard core? I’m thinking not.)

I need some motivation.  I’ve don’t some behind the scenes work that I haven’t posted about yet, but even that progress has stalled. I thought a little visualization might kick-start my efforts. This isn’t an exact picture of what I have in my mind… but maybe it’ll be enough to push me off the couch and slap a paint brush back in my hand?

I’m not sure what to call this collection…

Beachy barn?  |  Beachy industrial barn?  |  Rustic Beach?  |  Just Dana-ish?

Forget trying to name it. Lets just take a peek:

Beachy Industrial Barn Bathroom by craftedniche featuring a flat necklace

Well?  Am I crazy?  Or is there potential here? Clearly I’m still brainstorming, but I’d LOVE some feedback!

Any suggestions on how to get motivated are much appreciated. How do you kickstart yourself?

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My Luck Runneth Over – Out of Alabaster Custom Silhouette

June 24, 2012 in Featured Bloggers, Gettin' Crafty

My Luck Runneth Over! Waaaay back when I entered to win a custom silhouette from Lindsey at Out of Alabaster. Would you believe I ACTUALLY won?! That’s TWO wins in one year for this girl. Before now, I hadn’t won a drawing since 8th grade! If you’re doing the math in your head right now, I’ll save you the work. That’s something like 1996 or 1997.  (Pretty sure you shouldn’t bank on me to win the lottery any time soon.)

If you’ve never heard of Out of Alabaster, you need to head over there immediately and say hello. Lindsey has a great blog and a cute Etsy Shop packed with the cutest silhouette gifts you ever did see.

Anywho, my kiddos are of the furry, four-legged variety and I already have silhouettes of them, so I decided to have Lindsey make the silhouette of my nephew Thomas. I FINALLY got to give my sister, Karen, the silhouette gift this weekend so now it can be Blog Official!

Here’s how it went down…

  1. Dana wins blog giveaway contest.  WHAT! Winner!  (Yes, I’m doing this in 3rd person. Just go with it.)
  2. Lindsey emails Dana some super-simple instructions on how to send her a photograph to use in making the silhouette.
  3. Dana snaps some not-so-sneaky photos of Thomas while in Florida and emails them off to Out of Alabast
  4. Lindsey emails Dana a Silhouette so stinking cute that when she opens it, she drops her fork o’ food and sends her Lab Quinn into a scurry playing food clean-up crew on the floor.
  5. Dana takes the original artwork and prints it the same way she did her furry-legged puppers’ silhouettes.

Did you read that?  She sent me the ORIGINAL ARTWORK! So theoretically I could put the uber-cute Thomas Silhouette on EVVVERYTHING. Pillows, t-shirts, tote-bags, coasters, 10′x10′ wall murals (ok, maybe that’s taking it a bit far).  But seriously – I love that she sent me the original file so I could use it as I saw fit. I simply printed mine on the “Thomas” page of my vintage encyclopedia, framed and GIFTED IT!

Lindsey has some other great Silhouette ideas in her Etsy shop. You’ll completely swoon over the silhouette necklaces. They’re uh-mazing.

So here’s the photo I emailed her…

Seriously – that’s all it took!  Lindsey is really talented. She captured his cutest features and made the silhouette. From there all I had to do was print…

….aaaaand frame!

I know I’m partial, but even his silhouette is adorable! I’m happy to report that Karen hung it up in her home as soon as she got home tonight. Woop!  …and if you’re eyeing my “D” stool, I blogged about it here.

If you’re looking for a silhouette of the two-legged variety, I HIGHLY suggest you visit Out of Alabaster’s blog and/or Etsy shop. You won’t be disappointed!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. After some competitive cornholes  (I had the best partner ever!) and Miller-Lite-laced-lake-floatin’, this girl is EXHAUSTED.

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