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Anthro / West Elm Inspired Duvet

November 28, 2011 in Bedrooms, Crashing at Christy's, Gettin' Crafty

Happy Monday -

Hoping all of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend with your family. My Mom is currently en route to my house, tile saw in tow! Eek! The thought of having a tiled bathroom floor is beyond exciting. My guest bath still has linoleum (ugh) and the master bath is carpeted (gasp).  WHO on earth carpets a bathroom?! C’mon previous owner… that’s never a good idea.

My sister Christy’s joining us again today with another awesome reveal.  She’s been kind enough to write a tute on the uh-mazing duvet she made with her own bare hands. Seriously people… when I say this girl is crafty… it’s an understatement.

While doing a Pinterest search for new duvet cover ideas, I thought I’d share with you how I made my Anthropologie/Target/West Elm duvet cover knockoff!  Mine has held up fantastically through multiple washings, stain removals, dog naps (both large and small), and even some dog bites.  Come on, you know our families are dog people and when we get together for the holidays, the dogs outnumber the humans 2 to 1!!  I’ll show you the after picture first to get you hooked!

Okay, now let’s get to the story of how this duvet cover came to be.  When I moved into the house, the walls were beige and there was a built-in desk where the dormer window is.  I tore out the desk and painted the walls celery green.

It was a very cheery room and I loved the colors for at least two years.  J  But, I inevitably wanted to paint the walls a more masculine color (in appreciation of a very handy man).  I chose the dark gray/blue because it seemed moody, relaxing, and went with the color scheme of the rest of my house.  I really have bought in to Young House Love’s whole house color scheme idea and agree that it seems to make the house feel larger.  But, after painting (and some dog paw prints that wouldn’t come out of my brown/white duvet cover), I needed a new duvet cover and pillows.

I made the navy blue pillow shams using a navy blue corduroy that I got from Joann’s using a 50% off coupon of course.  I used a pattern, but they were really easy.  I basically just made them like a pillowcase.  The rest of the pillows and shams in the picture were from Target on clearance.  The two large euro shams on the window seat were only $2.48 each!!!  I love the Target clearance sections!  I also hung Target window panels over each of the windows.  My bedroom has tons of light, which I love, but it makes it difficult to place a bed.  So, I created a fabric backdrop for my bed by placing 4 window panels behind the headboard to help disguise the fact that my bed sits in front of a window.

Now, let’s get to the duvet cover!   I took inspiration from Anthropologie (below left) and West Elm (below right)…

And from Target, Wal-mart, etc.  Really, there are so many stores that have this style of comforter or duvet cover.  Here was my list of requirements:

  1. It would have to be a duvet cover for ease of washing.
  2. I wanted white because I’m addicted to the color.
  3. No buttons on my tucks because it would be too easy for puppy teeth to grab.
  4. The tucks can’t be weak.
  5. It’s gotta be CHEAP!

So, I found a tutorial on Pinterest and got to work.  When I came across this tutorial from Living on the Chic.  I used two king size flat sheets to make my king size duvet cover and only deviated from her tutorial when it came to how I made my pin tucks.  I practiced on an old pillowcase to get my technique down.  I apologize that I have NO in-progress pictures, but again, Living on the Chic does a great job of showing how it’s done.

  1. Wash and dry your sheets first!
  2. I used my cutting mat to mark my grid on my white sheet.  That was definitely a nice bonus to using a white sheet (being able to see through it to mark the locations of the tucks)!
  3. For the tucks, I folded the fabric over three times with the mark being the point on the backside of the sheet.
  4. I then used my sewing machine to sew back and forth over the folds at about ¼” in so that the tip was then a triangle shape.
  5. Followed the rest of Living on the Chic’s tutorial from there!
  6. I also sewed small ribbons at the corners on the inside of the duvet cover to be able to tie in my corners of my duvet so that it stays put inside the cover.  I stole that idea from Ikea, thank you very much!

It really was super easy.  Here is the top of the duvet cover when I was halfway done.  I think the smile is from exhaustion and not because I was actually happy.

And, here is the final shot when I was finished…

What would I do differently?  I definitely wouldn’t do a 6” spacing next time for a king size duvet cover.  It took FOREVER.  Also, the top of the duvet cover will get slightly smaller after “pintucking”.  So, I would suggest using a king size sheet for the top of a queen cover and then just trimming it to match the back side sheet that would be a queen.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  Basically, you just want to have some extra fabric for your tucks on that top sheet.

Thanks for listening and best of luck!  My next duvet cover will be inspired by this Anthropologie beauty!!!

Linking up at these fabulous parties!  Special thanks to Home Stories A2Z for hosting!

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Stool Makeover

November 25, 2011 in Building and Repurposing, Furniture Makeovers, Gettin' Crafty

A couple weeks back I posted this photo of a stool I brought home from my Mom’s garage:

It’s been hanging out in the garage for YEARS. In fact, it still had the moving company sticker from our move from Pennsylvania to Missouri…. circa 2002. Hard to say where it came from,  but I’m so glad it found me!

Here’s a rundown on how I tackled this stool and (if you don’t want the nitty gritty) photos of the finished product!

  1. Removed the seat and seat back and sanded them down.
  2. Applied a coat of Minwax Special Walnut. There’s not rhyme to my reason for picking this stain. Just had a quart on hand and went for it. Truthfully, it was the only one in my shed at the time and I was too lazy to go down to the basement to grab a different shade.
  3. Let the stain sit for 10-15ish and wiped.
  4. After letting it dry, I couldn’t help but notice the seat back had a deeper, more red tint than the seat. Hmmm How to fix?

Yup!  MUCH better!  I gave the seat a coat of Minwax English Chestnut… which I also happened to have on hand. LOVE when I have everything I need oh-hand for a redo!

I couldn’t help but want to personalize this stool a bit. I decided to add a simply letter D in a type-writer font.

  1. I printed out a letter D on cardstock and cut a home-made stencil with an exacto knife. Using painters-tape doughnuts, I held the cardstock snugly onto the seat.
  2. I don’t own a stencil brush so I used a cheap-o foam brush (like the kind I stain with) and dabbed the acrylic paint on.  It was a home-made mix of slate grey, a little black, and then a lighter grey (when I accidentally made it too dark).
  3. Woop! It’s on!  I wanted it to look a bit more worn though…
  4. So I took a foam sanding block to it. The only downside was it took off a little of the stain along the edges of the letter too. No worries!
  5. (Not Pictured)  I took the seat back outside and gave it one more coat of Minwax Special Walnut over the entire seat top. Problem solved!

After the whole thing dried, I brought it back inside and gave it two thin coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. I’m seriously in love with this stuff. After you buff it, the finish has the perfect luster and squeaky smooth finish.

This next photo of the back of the stool most accurately depicts the color of the finish. I’m seriously loving it.

The best part… it’s the perfect height for when I want to pull up a seat to the Craigslist Island while working on something crafty! No more standing and watching TV while painting and what-not. Woop!

I promised Christy I’d try to finish up the banquette this weekend. She’s itching for an update and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!  PLUS – My Mom is going to come for a few days on Monday and she’s bringing her TILE SAW. Oh yes…… there’s a good chance I’ll be sharing some bathroom updates in the coming weeks. That lady is seriously talented and I can’t wait to tap into her free labor creative genius.  :-)   Love you Mom!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to share it with good friends, lots of laughs, and a stinkin’ cute baby. I still find myself today walking around bouncing… apparently my body hasn’t realized I’m no longer holding said baby.

Have a great weekend! …and happy Christmas decorating!

Linking up at these fabulous parties! Special thanks to Home Stories A2Z for hosting!

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The Greatest Thing that EVER Happened to my Closet

November 22, 2011 in Bedrooms, Gettin' Crafty

Yep… THE Greatest thing that EVER happened to my closet.

  • Better than spring cleaning.
  • Better than swapping out winter clothes for summer clothes.
  • Better than donating a trashbag full of clothes

I’m telling you. This is AMAZING.

A while back my sister, Christy, and I both happened to pin the same tutorial to our Pinterest accounts. Great minds think alike, right?!  Well she finally got around to gathering the supplies and whipped up her “batch”. I was completely SOLD and knew I needed to make mine. Like yesterday.

Ok… are you ready?  SHOE HANGERS!

My sister, Karen, used to mock me for wearing flip flops all the time. Back in college if it was 60+ I was wearing flip flops. At least now I make my cut-off 70+, but the point is…. I own a LOT of flip flops. When most of them are less than $10 a pair, it’s hard NOT to!

PLUS – Christy realized these uh-mazing hangers are also PERFECT for hanging lightweight flats. Booyah. SOLD!

These pics are LESS than stellar. I tried the flash, but it looks like the reflectors on my pumped-up-kicks wanted to steal the show.  No worries… you get the picture.  My closet has two hanging shelves. I hang shirts on the top and the bottom was previously wasted. After putting my shoe rack on the floor, there wasn’t room for hanging clothes on the bottom. BUT  -  there was the perfect amount of space for my shoe hangers.

…and yes. I have yellow converse sneakers.  They make me smile. :-)   They also attract lots of crazy looks and smart remarks when you wear them in Lowes. It definitely doesn’t help when you wear them while buying bold yellow paint for your front door. Live and learn.

Want to make your own?  You’d be crazy not to!  Visit Jen at Epbot for the full-how-to. Be sure to say a big-fat-THANK-YOU for her awesome hanger idea. My closet would be a moutain-o-flops without her!

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