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Flying By!

September 30, 2011 in Building and Repurposing

Wow. This month flew by. Am I the only one that feels like September passed in the blink of an eye? Everywhere I look the stores are selling mums and pumpkins and I’m officially excited. I love this season!

It’s been a pretty eventful month and I thought I’d take a day to recap the projects I tackled… just for fun, we’ll stick with the before and afters and you can click the links if you want the how-to’s. …and for the sake of not making this the longest post EVER, I’ll only include the projects that were actually FINISHED.

Board and Batten over Labor Day Weekend

Hands down my biggest victory (and undertaking) this month. and I. LUV. IT. The kitchen feels so much brighter!




Finished the $10 Pedestal Table

Gotta love a $10 Craigslist find!  Finishing the board and batten was the kick in the butt I needed to finally poly and paint the table.



Numbered Grain Sack Chairs

For only $9 (including the cost of the chairs!)  I refinished a pair of chairs for the kitchen…



Easiest Wreath Ever

Some hot glue, simple jute and scrapbooking flowers… you have a wreath!

Camp Chair turned Luggage Stand

This one seems pretty self-explanatory. :-)

Deco Pumpkins

This was a fun evening project while watching a little TV. Super simple but makes me smile…



What’s to come in October?

Welllllll…. I’m finishing up a brand new (to me) coffee table that I rescued off the side of the road. Yup…. right off the curb! I’ll also be showing the $7.50 pedestal side table completed, wine bottle tiki torches, the finished (for now) living room gallery wall, and my new hanging pendant bedside lights.  ….and I’m sure plenty of other fun stuff along the way!

PLUS, if I can bug my sisters enough, I’m sure we can squeeze a project or two out of them! Christy just finished up an UH-MAZING bathroom redo in her home and I know Karen’s waiting on some encyclopedia pages from me so she can get to crack-a-lackin’ on a little somethin-somethin.

Have a great weekend!

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Deco Pumpkins

September 22, 2011 in For the Holidays, Gettin' Crafty

I whipped up this little crafty project this week and couldn’t be happier.  First things first… give credit where credit is due!  I saw these cute pumpkins at Arts VaVa and just HAD to make my own!  Scroll down a bit on her page and you’ll see her version.

I jogged on over to the dollar store. No, don’t be ridiculous… I didn’t ACTUALLY jog. Have you seen me lately?  Clearly I’m not jogging anywhere!  More like rolled…. in my car….  I grabbed two foam carve-able (is that a word?) pumpkins for guess how much!?   A DOLLAR.  They don’t call it the dollar store for nuttin’!  So two pumpkins… two bucks… and I was on my way.

I also needed modge podge, a cheap brush, some book pages, moss and spray adhesive. Check, check, check and CHECK. All were already on hand from previous projects and purchases… Thanks to my recent thrift store run I had an encyclopedia on hand with 2000+ pages. I could make an entire pumpkin patch!

Here’s a quick finished shot for all of you that like to get straight to the punch.  I’ll show the how-to and more final pics below.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for the full Run-down on how to make these pumpkins! Read the rest of this entry →

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Be My Guest!

September 20, 2011 in Building and Repurposing

A while back I snagged this camp chair frame at a thrift store for a buck. They had two others that still had the seat in tact, but they wanted $7 a pop for them. I had a different plan in mind so I gladly forked over a buck and walked out.  (Not the first time I’ve gotten crazy stares from store employees!)

I love the aged look and reddish metal hardware. I gave it a quick sanding with a medium grit sanding block. At first I considered staining it, but I think for now I’ll just let it stay as is. I can always stain later if I change my mind!

Are you still giving me that crazy look wondering why in the heck I paid money for this thing??

After running to Walmart and buying a spool of jute upholstery tape for a couple bucks I was ready to get started!

Ok… no more suspense.  I’m making a suitcase stand for my guests!  I hate for people to have to leave their bags/suitcases on the floor when they come to visit, so why not give them a way to store them comfortably?!

I eyeballed the length needed for the tape and cut the strip.  Using my brad nailer with staples, I wrapped the jute around one side and stapled (liberally).

Sorry I don’t have any pics of the stapling. It’s a little too hard to hold the gun, tape and camera at the same time!

Attaching the other side of the jute was the hardest part. I knew it had to be tight and I struggled a bit keeping the jute in place while manipulating the nail gun into the perfect spot.

One side down… One to go!

And here it is finished up!

Now all I need is a guest with a suitcase!

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