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Porch Log – Pottery Barn Inspired

August 26, 2011 in Building and Repurposing, Gettin' Crafty, Wall Decor

I was flipping through last Christmas’ Pottery Barn catalog and came across this picture:

I love love LOVE the birch in this photo. I particularly liked the small piece they used to hang the lantern from. Knowing I’d love to do something similar eventually, I ripped out the photo and stashed it in my inspiration binder for safe keeping.

Earlier this year I was walking along the lake at my Mom’s house and happened upon a log that caught my eye. I grabbed it and lugged it back to the house with hopes of doing something similar to this catalog page.

…and without further ado!

This pic was actually taken this spring when I first hung it on the porch. My current vegetation is…well….less than impressive. I’m pretty sure that NOTHING in my yard is green now. Also, I’m working on refinishing that rocking chair so it’s been replaced with last week’s auction finds until they find a new home. Here are a couple more shots:

The hummingbirds are loving me right now. A good friend gave me this feeder as a house warming gift and I hung it up at the first sight of a hummingbird this year. I’m not SOLD on it hanging from the log, but that’s where it is for now… Also, you can see a sneak peek of my new kitchen lighting in this picture. My full kitchen makeover is coming soon!

In this shot you can see that I added simple hook screws to the log. First I hammered a hole with a nail. Then removed the nail and screwed the hook in by hand. The overhead hooks and chain came with the house (score!).

I found the lanterns at a local flea market. I LOVED the blue and thought the small red was too cute to leave behind. The blue one hung perfectly on the log, but I had to add another small hook to the bottom of the log for my lil red guy.

I think for the winter I’ll retire the lanterns inside and find something a bit more Christmasy for the log. I’m also thinking of swapping out the chain for rope. What do you think? Would it be cute or a little too nautical? (If you saw my living room you’d realize I have NOTHING against nautical!)

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$10 Table – Part 5

August 25, 2011 in Building and Repurposing, Kitchen

Okay… I promise… no more Poly updates… after this one.

I just wanted to share what I learned this morning.  I anxiously ran out to the shed to see how the table looked. BUMMER! My quick wham bam method last night left me wishing I would have taken my time. If you recall, I worked with the grain on the inner grain first and then did the border last. Well apparently I wasn’t very careful because the inside dried before I got to the outside… and left brush strokes. Bah.

Here’s a peek of the table after I gave it a light sanding. You can see on the left where the border was a bit muddled.

…and here’s the table after wiping off the dust:

I changed my plan of attack this time around.  I decided to poly the center grain and immediately the border, working in sections around the table. This pic will give you an idea of just how quickly this water-based polycrylic dries!  By the time I worked back around, the beginning sections were already drying.  Do all poly’s dry that fast?!

Here’s a close up shot that shows how I tried to work as close to the border as possible and then come back with the poly over the border. You’ll see that there are a couple small dots.  Air bubbles. Sigh.  I can’t help but wonder if a rub-on poly might work better? Hmmm Maybe next time!

Now that the poly is on, I’m starting to get REALLY excited. I already took the top off the base and wiped it down with deglosser. Can’t wait to start painting! More on that to come…..

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Dining Area Current State

August 25, 2011 in Kitchen

After posting yesterday about the dreams I have for my dining area, I realized I needed to take a better photo of it’s current state. Something more current might be nice! So without further ado… here’s my current dining sitchoo-ation:

I know… my table centerpiece leaves more than a little to be desired! I’ll be the first to admit that this table is my “catch-all” and the place where mail, purse, keys, etc collect. Also, if you peek at the very top of the picture you’ll see the bottom edge of the skylight. I have three of those… one in this space, another in the kitchen and a larger third one in the living room.

The lantern on the wall was originally brass. I purchased it at my Mom’s neighbor’s yard sale this summer for $2. When I got it home, I gave it a coat of deep red spray paint. I love the fresh look!  The mirror was purchased at Target for $20 on clearance. Deals! The yellow pot on the table came from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. I had a gift card so it was free!

I’m officially adding the window-covering on the door to my to-do list. The current blue-toned plaid valance was purchased at Walmart when I first moved in. I needed something to cover the VERY visible window at night. It’s days are numbered, but I think I’ll wait to replace it until I’ve decided what fabrics will come into this dining area with the built-in banquette (eeek! I’m excited!) and covered chairs. Stay tuned!


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