PBR Sign – Make your own Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign

June 5, 2014 in Gettin' Crafty, Living Room, Wall Decor

Ready to  make your own PBR Sign?  Grab some wood, paint and a projector and let’s get started on a Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign!

It’s no secret the Big Guy loves his fair share of PBR swag. From golf pants (and shorts) to patio lights and glassware, it’s not hard to find PBR paraphernalia around our place.  For the Big Guy’s birthday I gave him PBR Art, signed by the artist! They are three AWESOME matching prints of large murals that hang in a watering hole near  Busch Stadium.

I wanted to try my hand at my own piece… Remember this planked wood sign? Well – I decided it was time to give it a makeover. So I pulled it off the wall and just painted right over the top!  Here goes nothing!

PBR Projector


I printed off a transparency of the PBR logo. I slapped it on my trusty $5 yardsale 1980′s projector (remember the kind they had when we were in school?  Yeah…. just like that!) .  In the photo above, you can see that I painted right over the old sign with grey paint. I just started following the lines and painting away!  No tracing and turning off the projector… just let that bad boy light up the room, crack open a beer and have at it.

PBR Painted


I already had a nail in the wall… so I hung the sign there and steadied it with washi tape while painting.  Don’t you just love washi tape? There are about a million ways to use it!

PBR Sign 2

So what do you think of my PBR art?  Should I get bonus points for making some man-cave art for the Big Guy?  Yeah…. I think so too!

PBR Sign 1

Did you hear that Big Guy?  Bonus points!


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Vintage Market Days – St. Louis

May 27, 2014 in Get the D-Tails

Vintage Market Days is an annual shopping event featuring found, repurposed and crafted goods.  The event first originated in Tulsa, Oklahoma but has spread to several other cities.  St. Louis’ 2nd annual event was held in April. I grabbed my shopping tote, bought a Groupon for the gate admission, and headed that way!

Vintage Market Days St. Louis

- and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I should probably stop yapping and just SHOW you!



This was one of the vendor tents. I believe this tent housed 5 or 6 vendors, many of which offered furniture and other larger items.

Reclaim Renew was in this space.  They had the cutest United States wood cutout:



Also inside this tent was Rescued Furnishings.  They had some great furniture rehab pieces, like this antique dresser with barnwood top.




Shades of Blue  had some gorgeous furniture makeovers. That’s her kneeling to the left in the photo below (rocking the awesome green skirt!):



Red Door Furniture Co. never fails to impress:



I was also digging this chunky stool from Barn Trash (is there even such a thing?!

VMD9They also had these great leather cuff bracelets:


How cute are these sewing pattern flowers!



…and of course I love the bold chairs cozied up to this metal table.



I’m toying with the idea  of being a vendor at this fall’s event.  We’ll see!  If I’m going to do it, I need to start hitting some auctions and Craigslist to build inventory of goodies to make/repurpose!






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Balancing It Out

May 12, 2014 in Get the D-Tails

If we’re not careful, work can easily take over… everything. That’s where I’ve found myself for the last year. Struggling to find that coveted work-life balance. My position is littered with hard deadlines and requests coming from every direction. It’s challenging, which I enjoy, but I’ve allowed my job to take over holidays, weekends… and even week nights. I’m determined to find a better work-life balance!

My sharing this with you is two-fold:

1) Accountability. You can hold me to it! I enjoy all of the emails and social media conversations I have with you and miss the interaction when I don’t post.

2) Explanation. (Sorry – couldn’t think of a better word!)  In short – I owe you an answer on where I’ve been! I went from posting almost 5 times a week to every couple of months.  That’s like a friend just not calling for months on end. Unacceptable.  Forgive me?

We’ve hired a couple new people on our marketing at work. I’m hopeful they’ll be able to take on more responsibility as they settle into our company. That would be a HUGE help in giving me back my free time after-hours.  - and how GREAT that would be!

So what would I do with my time? Do more of the things I love!

I started riding again recently – and man! I missed it!


Riding 1


(Say “HI!” to Davey! This handsome man is a popular guy at the barn where I’m riding.)

I’ve been doing more DIY – now I just need to blog about it!  I’ve created some new art for our house, redone some furniture and even made my first Kreg Jig project!  I can’t wait to share it all with you. I’d share photos of things I’ve made, but that would just ruin the surprise!

So stay tuned – I’m really excited to reconnect with each of you and share all the shenanigans that are my life. It’s time to balance things out and enjoy more of life!


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